Friday, June 24, 2011

oh! nom. nom. nom.

every bride allocates different parts of her budget for numerous things. depending on what is most important, you will budget more for the things that matter most. for some it is photography and for others it is THE DRESS. sometimes the cake is the last thing a bride things about and then sometimes it is in the top five. no matter what kind of bride you are, surely the photos below will inspire you when deciding the cake you want. 

coming soon: for those of you that just aren't into the whole "cake" bit i will be posting about some alternative options

boudoir bride

plain white tier cake made beautiful with fresh flowers

destination bride option

"wood" cake great for ranch or barn weddings

lace cake for the elegant bride

"grow old together" cake

"bling-bling" bride

simple, yet unique

hand drawn

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