Monday, August 15, 2011

THE "do"

and of course by "do" i mean "hair-do"! another dilemma that all brides go through is whether to do their hair up or down - or maybe even half-up/half-down. some want the romantic look of having their hair down but also want the worry-free benefit of putting their hair up. and then if they can't decide or want a little of both they do the half-up/half-down option. i was definitely one of those brides...i wanted my hair down but since the wedding was on the beach i didn't want to keep messing with it. i ended up going with an up "do" which i am so happy i chose after everything was said and done. in my experience seeing many types of bridal hair - the ones that wear their hair down...about 95% of those brides have fallen hair by the time they get to the first dance. not saying that will happen to you - but i know it was amazing to know that my hair was in place and not frizzy or flat and perfectly in the right place for pictures. and to be honest by the end of the night i was so hot that my hair would've ended going up into a ponytail. whichever you decide is up to you, but as you decide i have included some hair inspiration below.

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