Wednesday, May 11, 2011

if you like to pay alot for lingerie...this post is not for you

every year we secretly (or proudly) get excited when we see commercials for the victoria secret fashion show. whether its inviting over your girlfriends, "making" your boyfriend watch it, or discretely recording it on your dvr and then watching it when no one is looking...most of us partake in the brainwashing runway of misses secret...


you innocently walk out to your mailbox to retrieve your waterbill...but, behold! its the victoria secret catalog that you just innocently browse through...

 "oh so you want to look like these beautiful woman do ya now? well you can for the price of just $60/bra!"

so now, not only has your self-esteem plummeted but now your paying for it! 

so whats the cure for the expensive VS cold?

feel sexy on your honeymoon or with your hubby/boyfriend without breaking the bank...or get three outfits for the price of one at you know where ;)









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