Friday, May 13, 2011

my favorite past time: stalking lifeasart photography's photos

i may be a little biased (my wedding photographers) but i am pretty sure that lifeasart photography is the best around. out of all the details in my wedding - photography was number one out of my list of importance. i googled and facebooked. googled and facebooked. and then....i found them. they had everything i wanted: photo-journalistic photos, beautiful shots, minimal editing (none of that cloudy photoshop editing that bad photographers use to hide the fact that they don't know what they are doing) and they captured the emotion and moment....beautifully. 

after our engagement shoot they posted five "previews" so that couples don't have to wait for six weeks before they see anything. as each facebook notification popped up saying that "lifeasart photography has tagged you in a picture" it was like christmas day opening up presents one at a time. ever since then i still get excited to see their other work because....its truly "life as art"

and if all of that isn't enough, the minnericks are absolutely fantastic to work 
with and is pretty much the cutest couple...ever :)

below are some of my favorites of their fantastic work

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